Holy Works par Andres SERRANO, Germano Celant

June 26, 2019

Holy Works par Andres SERRANO, Germano Celant

Titre de livre: Holy Works

Auteur: Andres SERRANO, Germano Celant

ISBN: 8862082096

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Holy Works The images included in Holy Works are re-creations and reinterpretations of religious paintings. Andres Serrano, who was recently in the news after his work Piss Christ was vandalised by Catholic radicals in Avignon, has reinterpreted and recreated medieval and Renaissance religious paintings. The artist has often been called "a modern Caravaggio" and this series of works seems to respond to this classification, as Serrano is one of the rare contemporary artists who has dared to broach religious themes and the iconography of the history of religious art. "I not only believe in God, I believe in religious art and the beauty and power of such art. This is why I created this work...I hope with Holy Works is that The Church comes to my defence and proclaims that I am not a sacrilegious artist -- I may be provocative or even edgy, but I am not sacrilegious.