Eighty-Four Fathoms Down (English Edition) par D. Guthrie

December 8, 2019

Eighty-Four Fathoms Down (English Edition) par D. Guthrie

Titre de livre: Eighty-Four Fathoms Down (English Edition)

Auteur: D. Guthrie

Date de sortie: July 24, 2011

Éditeur: Publishers Syndication, International

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They were ordinary citizens who were called upon to crew the submarines during WWII. They were men and boys who had grown up during the hard depression years. They wanted desperately to survive this patrol.

The captain of the USS Sea Bass, Dan Shepard, was fighting his own battle with guilt, revenge and bitterness. He seemed to be taking it out on the enemy .. at great risk to his boat and the crew.

This is a story of the men that manned the USS Sea Bass on its fourth patrol.